Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Lethargic Dog Acting Mopey

Dog’s high white blood cell count could be a simple infection, or something more serious.

Dog’s Addison’s Disease Is Treatable

Adrenal disorder in dogs can be successfully managed with several medications.

Certain Oils Can Improve Dog’s Coat

Oils suach as salmon oil, safflower or rapeseed oil may help improve a dog's coat.

Urine Leakage Common in Spayed Dogs

Medication can treat a spayed dog’s urine leakage and incontinence.

Febreze Safe for Dogs When Used Correctly

Contrary to rumors circulating, the fabric refresher is not toxic to dogs.


Dog’s Skin Infection Needs Correct Antibiotic

Advanced cases of pyoderma in dogs can take a while to clear up.

Dog’s Bleeding Tail Needs Time to Heal

A stirrup-type bandage will stay on – if dog wears a special collar, too.

Various Treatments for Dog’s Arthritis Pain

Acupuncture, fatty acids, pain meds can help dogs with arthritis pain.

Allergies Are Likely Cause of Dog’s Welts

Welts on a dog could be from allergies but recurring welts could signal mast cell tumor.

New Dog Kennel Leads to Psychogenic Adypsea

With all the comforts of home, dog eventually will adjust.


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