Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Using Raised Dog Food Bowls

Several medical conditions warrant feeding a dog from a raised dish, and other conditions could be complicated by it.

Medical Reasons for a Dog’s Sudden Defecating

A stool analysis can determine whether a dog’s accidents in the house are the result of bacteria or parasites.

Spaying a Two-Year-Old Dog

Two years of age isn’t too old to spay a dog, and lessens the risk of certain cancers.

Dog’s Lump May Be Cancerous

Any lump that appears to contain a lot of cells could potentially be a tumor, either benign or malignant.

Dog With Foot Tenderness

Work with a vet to go over several things that may cause a dog’s paw tenderness after walks.


Dog With Allergies Bites at Paws

Intermittent use of steroids and antihistamines could help relieve an itchy and allergic dog.

Mystery Illness Prompts Dog’s Euthanasia

The sudden onset of Evans Syndrome most likely led to a Samoyed’s passing.

Urinary Diet for Dogs

Is there a pH-control diet for dogs that can be made at home?

Questions About Dogs and Anesthesia

Asking questions about anesthesia can ensure your dog’s safety.

Dog Wakes and Shakes at Night

Small dog may have White Dog Shaker Syndrome.


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