Best Dog Toys for Inside Play

Don't let rain or snow keep you and your dog from a good game. Have fun in the winter weather with our indoor picks!

By | Posted: December 29, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

It’s that time of year – when we don’t want to do anything outside. It’s cold, wet, maybe even icy and dangerous. But, your dog still needs exercise and playtime, regardless of the weather. How do you do that?

With the help of these fun indoor dog toys of course! Each one of these toys is made to help relieve boredom, encourage play, and burn off some energy.


This toy debuted this summer and is already on everyone’s "Top Toy” lists. An automatic ball launcher, you can drop the ball in the top for your dog, or teach your dog to drop it in himself. This allows him to entertain himself while you are away. The random movements of the ball (Both length and direction) help keep your dog interested. $99.95 


Dog Agility Set

Several companies have come out with indoor dog agility sets that are inexpensive, simple to set-up, and all your and your dog to burn off some energy indoors. Most include a tunnel, a jump or two and a pause square and/or weave poles. Affordable Agility has a nice big set including a jump, tire jump, pause box, tunnel and chute, and weave poles for $184.95. Or, you can buy the Kyjen set which includes a tunnel, jump, and four weave poles for just $39.99. 


dog agility 


Indoor Chuckit!

Our favorite brand of dog flying products has come out with indoor versions of some of your favorite products. These are made lighter-weight, softer, with their Bounceflex core technology. This provides resilience for dogs that like to bite while playing fetch. Starting at $5.97 at Petsmart.  




Go-Go Dog Pals

This fun, remote controlled dog toy is perfect for when your dog needs exercise, but you can’t take them for a run. Even the kids will want to play with the dog if they get to use this device! It’s cute, fun, and your dog will love chasing it. $229.99  

 dog toy 

Trixie Flip Board (Level 2)

This puzzle feeder is unique in many ways. Your dog will have to do several things to get at the cookies (not just one like nose a ball, push a lever, etc. In addition, the pieces are made so they cannot be knocked over – your dog has to learn the correct way to get the treat. They will have to flip lids using knobs; slide disks to the side; and lift cones straight up. $18.99 at Petsmart 


flip board 


Hyper Doggie Tail

This fun toy is motion activated to keep your dog engaged! It barks and jumps, making it irresistible to your dog. In addition, it’s not hard plastic like most moving toys, but a nice soft, furry plush with a tail perfect for grabbing, shaking, and carrying. $19.98




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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

1/4/2015 8:33:53 AM

Our favor indoor game is doggie soccer.

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