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The countdown to flea and tick season has begun. Get the tips and tricks you need to flight ticks and fleas. More>>

    BEWARE! Poisonous Plants

    With flowers in full bloom, Fido might want to stop and smell the roses. Before he does, learn which plants pose a threat. More>>

    Meet the Breeds

    Want to learn more about this month's featured breeds? 

    A top notch athlete with a sunny disposition, the Vizsla craves activity and camaraderie with his owners. Owners requiring extensive personal space likely won't appreciate the extremely affectionate breed. Devoted to family, the Vizsla chooses togetherness just about all the time... More>>

    Afghan Hound
    Dignified and aloof, this alluringly beautiful aristocrat is also a supreme athlete. Like an uber-glam fashion model gliding into a cocktail party, the elegant Afghan Hound turns heads and hushes a crowd. More than a pretty face with a distinctive far away gaze, the medium size hound uses speed, power and agility to hunt bu sight. More>>

    Inside  Dog Fancy

    Tick Trouble

    The growing threat of Lyme Disease

    Breweries Go Pet Friendly

    Enjoy a pint with your pup! 

    5 Great Hikes for Dog Lovers

    Hit the trails with a wagging tail. See the best places to hike with your dog around the country.


    Nature's First Aid

    Treat your pet the natural way. Find natural and holistic options for your pet's care. 


    Editorial Note

    About Ernie

    Ernie Sloan

    Ernie Slone has been immersed in the world of dogs – as an owner, dog-show exhibitor, dog-club officer and active dog rescuer – for more than a decade. He is Editor of DOG FANCY and, and Group Editor of Dog World, Dogs USA, Puppies USA and Natural Dog. Ernie and his wife, Vicki, volunteer at a rescue shelter every week and along with their certified Therapy Dog, Gordon, visit local hospitals each week.


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    Alex   Greenwich, Connecticut

    4/17/2014 12:09:37 PM

    Our company, I’m-Yunity for Dogs (web, has undergone clinical trials at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinarian Medicine and the results were excellent and the link to the study is on the web site.

    As we know, cancer rates in dogs has increased, which can be from a number of causes. Chemotherapy can be expensive and with advanced age, might not seem like the best
    I’m-Yunity for Dogs has shown tremendous results in extending the lives of dogs with cancer and helped them to feel
    Please have a look at the site, as this might help some of your
    Thank you

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    Alice   Roy, Washington

    4/16/2014 9:51:39 AM

    I love your magazine. I learn all kinds of tips and nuances of certain breed dogs. I do have one comment. Your Fun Bites - is it possible to change the orange color. For those of us who have failing eyesight, it's difficult to the orange. It's too light.

    User Avatar

    Kim   Henderson, Nevada

    4/7/2014 12:06:43 AM

    If we can no longer get it in the iPad I paid for a full year and didn't get a full years worth. I want my money back. I can't even read any of them that are on my iPad.

    User Avatar

    N L   Bishop, California

    3/20/2014 2:22:45 PM

    I have been a long time subscriber to Dog Fancy and lately Cat Fancy... I found online your very good deal for a renewal...2 years for $25..... when I filled out asked for credit card where was the option to have it billed. I don't use a credit card for any online purchases. When I called they offered to bill me, but not at that price. I am disappointed...I was going to look for a good deal to also renew my Cat Fancy, but under these circumstances, I guess not. Thank you.

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