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July 2010

Ahoy, matey! Does your dog love the water? Is she ready to be your first mate? Then follow our guide to boating with your dog. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about canine safety on the sea, river, or lake — but we can’t help if she falls in love with the sailor’s life!

Sports play. If your dog loves to run, jump, and catch, she’ll benefit from our 40 tips for canine sports. Covering everything from agility, flyball, and rally to freestyle, Earthdog, dock jumping, and more, we have the tips to make your dog a better competitor.

Deciphering breed instincts. Different dogs have different personalities, but understanding what behaviors are a result of your dog’s breed instincts can help you interact with — and train her — more effectively. Learn about the nature of breeds such as scenthounds, sighthounds, and retrievers to help keep peace in your home.

Which way to the winery? Check out the Go department in Fun Dog as we nose around dog-friendly wineries across the country. Grab your canine — and a corkscrew.

Grooming phobia? Learn how one dog overcame his fear of being brushed in this month’s Smart Dog.

Meet the alert Chinese Crested, the fearless Tosa Inu, and the observant Manchester Terrier.

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