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Ah-choo! We love our dogs, but living with them isn’t always easy. With all that hair and dander flying around, household allergies can flare. But if you know how to clean your house and groom your dog efficiently, you can manage the problem and can keep everyone happy. Find out how to beat those dog allergies once and for all in this helpful article.

Is your dog a star? Have you ever thought your dog’s mug would look great on the cover of a magazine? Does she have a special trick that might wow a commercial director? If so, your dog might be destined for Hollywood. Learn about the canine entertainment industry and what it takes to be a doggie star. We have the scoop on everything from training requirements to finding an agent and more.

Dealing with life changes. Major changes can be tough for humans to accept, but don’t forget your dog’s feelings, too. Whether good or bad, life transitions affect canine members of the household, so it’s important to help your dog navigate them as best she can. We’ll discuss four life changes -- divorce, combining households, moving, and having a baby -- and give you tips to help your furry friend make it through.

DogTown USA®. Our annual search for the most dog-friendly city is back on. Nominate the town you think deserves the title.

Mendocino, Calif. Fun Dog’s Go page takes you to beautiful Northern California to show you the best places for your canine pal.

Meet the playful French Bulldog, the clever German Shorthaired Pointer, and the docile Spinone Italiano.

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