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January 2009

Who’s who of dogdom. 2010 marks DOG FANCY’s 40th anniversary. To celebrate, we’re bringing you our all new “40 Things” feature. Each month we’ll tell you 40 things you should know about dogs and their world, starting with a showcase of the standout human stars in dogdom.
Keep an eye on your dog. If you’ve always wanted to know what your dog does while you’re away, pet cameras are the latest tool to help you keep tabs on your best friend. Learn all about the cameras on the market: what they do, how they work, plus tips for the technologically challenged. 

The low down on dysplasia. Hip and elbow dysplasia can hinder your dog’s quality of life and hurt your wallet, but we can help you both deal with the diagnosis. Find out everything you need to know about the problem, from causes and treatments to costs and more.

The coolest spots. Grab your best friend and head to one of these dog-friendly winter wonderlands.

Doggie DIY. Learn how to create a fun dog toy out of household items you already have.

Meet the intelligent Australian Shepherd, the powerful Pharaoh Hound, and the graceful Bedlington Terrier

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