Bad Dog Breath

Doggie halitosis is another cause for keeping your pet at arm’s length. Often caused by tooth decay or periodontal disease, or conditions that require veterinary treatment, it is preventable if you brush your baby’s teeth regularly from early puppyhood.

A recent boon is DentaTreat by Wysong, a natural supplement that changes the Ph balance in your dog’s mouth. Sprinkle on food or used as a tooth powder while brushing. Its blend of dental-active natural cheeses, minerals, apple polyphenols, and other ingredients helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, strengthen teeth, and cut bacterial growth that causes plaque and bad breath, according to the manufacturer.

Mouth odor may also be caused by coprophagy, or stool eating. Some canines consider feces an ever-present snack. It’s believed that they may indulge in such nasty habits because of nutritional deficiencies. Products such as For-bid or Dis-Taste may be added to a dog's food to make stools taste bad, while some owners sprinkle cayenne pepper or hot sauce on the feces to make them less palatable.

The obvious way to prevent this problem is to keep your yard stool-free, monitor your dog closely on walks, secure your cat's litterbox, and train her to obey the command “Leave it!”

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lala   Salinas, CA

8/12/2009 4:18:25 PM

muffin has this problem anddoes notlet me brush his teeth as for rebelde she is good on leting me brush her teeth

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sc   ov, AZ

6/14/2009 5:19:07 PM

Thanks, very helpful info..just recently started having that problem with w/my puppy..i do brush him daily but he does give me a hard time about it. this concerns me, i will take him to his vet for a dental check..

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