Spend Wisely on Your Dog

Cut costs on training your dog without sacrificing effectiveness.


With today’s questionable economy, it’s important to save money wherever possible. Spend your training dollars wisely by following these tips.

  • If you need professional help with a behavior problem, call several trainers for pricing. Don’t assume the most experienced, qualified trainer will be the costliest. Often the best trainers view their profession as a labor of love and price their services more reasonably than a newcomer in it for the money.

  • For basic obedience, a non-profit, volunteer-based training club frequently offers lower pricing than a professional individual or commercial business, sometimes providing unlimited classes for one yearly fee. 

  • When at your training lesson, pay attention and follow instructions. Many people needlessly spend extra dollars taking a class again because they didn’t listen or do their homework the first time.

  • Make the most of your money. If you run into problems, don’t be too embarrassed to discuss them with your instructor.

For information on finding a training group near you, the American Kennel Club maintains a database on its website.


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janet   bethlehem, PA

12/28/2010 4:19:07 AM

good information, thank you very much

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Nicole   Lebanon Junction, KY

6/7/2010 1:43:09 PM

I completely agree that you should not be embarrassed to talk to your instructor if you have a problem. They are there to help and for most that's all that they really want to do...help people out with their dogs. Besides in most cases, they are getting paid for helping you so let them do it. :)

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janet   bethlehem, PA

2/1/2010 5:25:02 AM

good article thanks

User Avatar

Sue   sawyer, MI

1/24/2010 12:20:29 PM


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