Unwelcome Doggy Guest?



You wrap presents, discuss where everyone will sleep, plan Christmas dinner and arrange countless details for your holiday travels—but what about the dog? Don’t assume relatives will welcome your dog into their homes or you may discover your furry friend unintentionally strains relationships.

Taking your dog when visiting relatives who don’t share your love for the canine species requires planning and careful management. “Just because your dog knows the rules and feels comfortable at your home doesn’t mean he will act the same at the in-laws,” says trainer Dee Zurburg of Gainesville, Flor. Rest assured that if Fido walks into your mother-in-law’s pristine house and raises a leg, Christmas will take a bad turn.           

Discuss that you’d like to bring your dog with those you plan to visit. Should they not want a dog loose in the house, do they mind if you crate your dog inside? If you clean up, can she potty in their yard? Would they prefer you walk her around the block or at a nearby park? Sometimes asking a willing friend who plans a quiet Christmas at home to keep your dog or utilizing a reputable kennel ends up the only way to avoid hard feelings.



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