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February 2, 2010




February 2010

28 | Like Pulling Teeth*
Without proper dental care, your dog’s mouth and health are at risk. More >>
By Karla S. Rugh, D.V.M.

32 | Thank Your Vet*
Pet owners recognize five veterinarians for their selfless efforts. More >>
By John Schwartze

34 | Let’s Play!*
From the park to your backyard, 40 things you need to know about dog play. More >>
By Sally Deneen

40 | Your Little Shadow

A dedicated protector with an ancient history, the Lhasa Apso will follow you everywhere. More >>
By Lisa Hanks

44 | Super Sized

The Great Dane comes with a huge helping of devotion. More >>
By Heera Kang

46 | Old English Sheepdog

This agile breed is friendly and devoted. More >>
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Natural Dog

2 | Natural News
The latest happenings in the natural pet world.
By Holly Ocasio Rizzo

4 | Hurray for Hemp*
The plant that can’t get you high can be good for your dog. More >>
By Eve Adamson

10 | Seafood: Not Just for Cats Anymore*

Dogs, too, can benefit from this fatty-acid-rich protein source. More >>
By Denise Fleck

16 | Cultivating a Green Thumb*

Build a windowsill herb garden you and your dog can enjoy. More >>
By Tom Barthel

BONUS! | DogChannel Extras
Find more about these topics in DogChannel extras — articles, tools, and references that will build your dog-owner skills. More >>

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2 | Coming Next Month
Get a preview of our March issue. More >>

6 | Readers Bark Back
Your letters, pictures, and opinions.
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8 | News Hound
Dog news and stories.

12 | Fun Dog
Cool stuff to do, places to go, and trends for you and your best friend.

16 | Practical Dog
Grooming and cleaning advice, DIY projects, and tips for everyday life.

20 | Adopted Dog
Stories and advice on rescue and shelter dogs.

24 | Smart Dog
Training ideas and behavior help, plus readers' success stories.

26 | Healthy Dog
Learn what's new in veterinary medicine and natural remedies.

83 | Share
Hear what others have to say about their dogs.

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