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December 2008

Here’s to a safe holiday. Sure, the holidays are a ton of fun. But they also pose serious dangers for your dogs. We run through all the things to look out for so everyone, including friend Buddy, has a happy and safe season.

Best gear of the year. Once again, dog and product editors from DOG FANCY’s  publishing company select unique, innovative stuff that hit shelves during the last year. Check out what those inventor types came up with during 2008.  

Don’t know what to buy Lucy this year? Rest assured you will find something she can’t live without in our Holiday Gift Guide. We’re filling it with wonderful products that your dog will enjoy and will also make your life easier.

Golden Years winners. You’ve patiently waited. And now it’s time to reveal the winners of our annual Golden Years photo contest. We just know you’ll fall in love with these senior canines, too.

Aah, how sweet. Every holiday needs a happy ending story. This year’s no different. Don’t miss Denise Flaim’s touching account of a hero dog who almost lost his life, but eventually found his very own rescuer.

Meet the friendly Siberian Husky, the sensitive Brussels Griffon, and the happy Xoloitzcuintli.

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