Busy Dogs

United Kennel Club’s annual Premier event hosts a fun-filled variety of canine competitions.

Four days of competition in Kalamazoo, Mich., at the annual United Kennel Club Premier saw beautifully groomed dogs strutting in show rings, energetic ones taking jumps and climbing “A” frames, strong ones pulling carts piled with bricks, and obedient dogs toeing their marks.

A multitude of events make up the Premier, including junior showmanship, in which young dog handlers demonstrate their skills; dog sport, which evaluates dogs as companions and protectors; and conformation in which dogs are judged based on the breed standard and their "spark." This year's event saw three all-breed dog shows, two agility trials, two dog sport trials, two obedience trials, two terrier races, and two weight-pull competitions, in addition to demonstrations from Ultimate Air Dogs, a dock-jumping club.

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