Dog Fancy Table of Contents - November 2005

November 3, 2005




DOG FANCY - November 2005

November 2005

20 | Dogtown USA
The windy city tops list of best places to be a dog.
by Kyra Kirkwood

28 | 35 Years Later
Dogs live better than ever.
by Sandy Robins

32 | DF 35
What dog lovers should know about behavior.
by Joan Hustace Walker

36 | A Terrier Love Affair
Celebrate the spirit and spunk of these charming breeds.
by Denise Flaim

40 | Puppy Prep
Simple steps to get your pup ready for life.
by Jennifer Quasha

44 | Hovawart: To Love and Protect
The stable and loyal Hovawart discriminates between friend and foe.
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.d.

46 | Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Who’s the Boss?
Plus a Color Poster Inside!

The outgoing and alert Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a sturdy, intelligent friend.
by Terry Winkelmann

52 | American Eskimo Dog: Guardian angel
Part watchdog, part clown, the American Eskimo Dog is all heart.
by Eve Adamson

56 | Dogs Steal the Show
Behind the scenes with canine actors and their trainers.
by Jane Musgrave

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8  | Letters to the Editor

9  | Gallery


12  | Star Power: Exorcist star fights for all dogs.
by Kyra Kirkwood

Everyday Dog

14  | Sometimes the best response is no response.
by Linda Colflesh

15  | Good Puppy: Teach your puppy to wait.
by September Morn

15  | Happy Endings: Gone but not forgotten.
by Jennifer Quasha

16  | Best Behavior: Pleasant canine greetings.
by Pat Miller

18  | Ask DOG FANCY: Your canine questions answered.
by September Morn


60  | Pancreatitis: A serious bellyache.
by Marcia King

62  | Ask the Vet: Your medical questions answered
by Leslie Sinclair, DVM


74  | Play on Plaid
by Hiromi Yamamura

75  | Luxury Unleashed: A free ride: Traveling in style
by Charlotte Reed

76  | On the go
by Hiromi Yamamura

77  | Ruffin’ it
by Tom Kimball

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