Dog Fancy Table of Contents - June 2006

June 6, 2006




DOG FANCY - June 2006

June 2006

20 | Cutest puppies ever! Meet the winners
After too many “awww”s to count, we finally chose the winners of our Cutest Puppy Contest.

26 | A vet’s life: Follow a busy Texas veterinarian
Take a peek into the life of veterinarian Kit Kampschmidt. From a 2 a.m. C-section to operating on an inward growing tail to renditions of Queen songs at the dinner table, this vet’s life is never boring.
by Denise Flaim

30 | Too hot to handle: Rising temperatures mean greater risks for your dog
Summer weather presents lots of opportunities for outdoor fun with your dog, but high temperatures also pose threats to your pup’s health. Take these precautions and enjoy fun in the sun safely.
by Sally Deneen

34 | The unseen trace: Search-and-rescue dogs detect faint scents to track the missing
These heroic working dogs use remarkable skills to perform missing person searches and recovery work. Despite today’s state-of-the-art search technology, dogs are still fundamental to search parties.
by Joan Hustace Walker

38 | The path less traveled: For a new adventure, explore state and national parks with your dog
Public lands and forests can be a refreshing escape from your routine exercise. Plan ahead and be aware of park rules, and you and your dog will be on the trails in no time.
by Lisa Densmore

42 | America’s best dog parks: DOG FANCY sniffs out the best of the best
After sorting through hundreds of nominations from all over the country, we’ve compiled a list of the best the United States has to offer. These parks go above and beyond, providing unique amenities for both dog and owner. Find one in your area!
by Maureen Kochan

46 | Weimaraner: A vibrant shade of gray
Sleek and strong, the beautiful Weimaraner needs regular activity to channel his mischievous streak. But with proper training and adequate exercise, the Weimaraner can be a loving and supportive companion.
by Terry Winkelmann

51 | Cairn Terrier: The canny Cairn
With high energy and a stubborn streak, the Cairn exemplifies the terrier spirit. This independent and intelligent dog makes a great pet for owners who understand that he would rather explore the world than lay on your lap.
by Eve Adamson

55 | Dutch Shepherd: Duty calls
Intense and dedicated, the Dutch Shepherd’s energy and intelligence make him and ideal working dog and a great competitor for agility sports.
by Vicki Shields

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7  | BarkBack >> letters to the editor and photos from our readers.

10  | Newshound >> pet related news briefs.

14  | Puppy Life >> Out and about. Walking or hiking with your pup can be a great bonding experience.
by September Morn

16  | Canine Traveler >> Old world charm: Victoria, British Columbia, offers a taste of Britain without the trans-Atlantic journey.
by Joanna Downey

22  | Natural Dog >> Good flash back. Acupuncture and orthopedic therapy get Dalmatian back on his feet.
by Denise Flaim

58  | Best Behavior >> But I don’t want to go! Tips to integrate your shy dog into group obedience class.
by Leslie McDevitt

60  | Clean Dog Clean House >> In or out? Creative solutions help prevent the indoor ‘mud trail’ from your canine resident.
by Sally Deneen

62  | Help & Advice >> Ask DOG FANCY and Ask the Vet
by September B. Morn; Leslie Sinclair, DVM

64  | Checkup >> Testing for health. Common blood tests reveal your dog’s kidney and liver vitality – essential before any surgery.
by Lee Pickett, VMD

66  | Haute Dog >> Luxury Unleashed: Life of the Pawty
by Nikki Moustaki

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