Writers Guidelines

If you're interested in writing for DOG FANCY, please review our writers guidelines.

Dog Fancy

DOG FANCY is devoted to the care and enjoyment of all dogs, purebreds and mixed breeds. Our goal is to provide our readers with easily accessible information they need to be responsible dog owners and to enjoy their dogs fully.

Our Readers:

  • College-educated, middle-class adults interested in dog training, health, behavior, activities, and general care.

  • Want to be informed about canine health and behavior, new ways to have fun with their pets, and how to live comfortably with dogs.

  • Have little time, so need practical information fast: Why should I care? How much does this cost? Where can I get involved?

Our Writers:

Most of the articles in DOG FANCY are written by freelancers. We welcome new contributors because they offer fresh ideas we might not otherwise consider.

General Standards:

1. We do not publish poetry, fiction, or articles in which the dog speaks as if he were human.

2. We discourage tributes to dogs who have died or to beloved family pets because we receive an abundance of this material. We especially encourage well-written, thoroughly researched articles about living with dogs.

3. Word count: roughly 850 to 1,200 words for features; ideal if accompanied by high-quality images. See photographers guidelines.

4. DOG FANCY does not accept unsolicited manuscripts; we work from a query basis only. About queries:

  • Please submit queries by e-mail to barkback@dogfancy.com.

  • Do not telephone with queries; we can't judge writing ability over the phone.

  • Because of the volume of queries we receive, a response will take up to four weeks.

  • Your query should offer a well-focused idea, descriptive information about how you plan to pursue the topic and a preliminary idea of who your sources will be. Just as important, the query should demonstrate your writing ability. Include some brief background information and your writing credentials.

  • If we are interested in your query, we will ask you for your resume and writing samples.

5. If we accept your proposal, we will send you a detailed assignment letter outlining what we want included in the article. All writers must sign a non-negotiable contract. Articles may be submitted by e-mail, as Microsoft Word e-mail attachments, or embedded in the e-mail.

6. We are not responsible for unsolicited materials.

7. A list of all sources of information, including names, titles, affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses must be included at the end of an article.

8. We have a tight production schedule; articles must be submitted by their assigned deadline and meet the specified length. The editors reserve the right to edit and cut for clarity and space, and to reject the article if it doesn't fulfill the assignment.

9. DOG FANCY pays on publication. Payment will not be received before the first week of the issue month in which the article appears. The payment varies with the quality and length of the article and the number and quality of author-supplied photographs. All writers are asked to sign a contractual agreement.


Send queries to barkback@dogfancy.com with "Query: [topic]" in the subject line.

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