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Eukanuba World Challenge Leaves Orlando

Welcoming Cotons to the Non-Sporting Group

Dog Clubs Reaching Members Through Apps

AKC Visa Credit Card Now Available



From the June 2014 Issue

Dog Breeders

Are You a Good Breeder?

Many breeders lack real knowledge of their chosen breed because they missed the true opportunity to gain the in-depth schooling that comes from long-term mentorship.

By Kathy Lorentzen 

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Boston Terrier

A Comparison of Two Breeds

The Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog are often the subject of casual comparisons. To some, the breeds are more like variations on a theme; to others, like night and day.

By Luis Sosa 

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Breed Standards

Reading a Breed Standard

To better understand breed standards, let's take a look at the Portuguese Water Dog standard and apply simple physiological knowledge to it.

By Angela Kalmanash

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Coton de Tulear

Judging the Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear will be judged in the AKC Non-Sporting Group. Here are some tips for judges who will be getting hands-on with Cotons in the ring.

By Pat Enright

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Dogs in Review Resources

Dog Grooming Brush

Show Dog Grooming

Tips for grooming show dogs, what mistakes judges commonly see in the ring, and the grooming trends over the past decades.

Dog Breeders

Meet Influential Dog Breeders

These breeders have impacted the sport by breeding the exceptional dogs of the past. Meet some of these icons of the dog show world.

Westminster Dog Show

Coverage of World-Famous Dog Shows

Dogs in Review covers all the big shows, including Westminster, Crufts, World Dog Show, AKC/Eukanuba and more.

Dog Show Calendar

Upcoming All-Breed/Group Shows

Get important information about upcoming all-breed and group conformation dog shows throughout the United States.

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