Dogs in Review Talks to Genji Ozeki


Japan is a fairly recent member of the international dog-show community. Just a few decades ago owning dogs as pets was still not common in the Land of the Rising Sun, but interest in purebred dogs exploded in the 1970s and 1980s. The vast number of dogs being exported to Japan — many through commercial dealers in both the West and Japan — combined with cultural and language barriers, raised questions in Europe and the U.S., and traditional Japanese reticence and desire for privacy made it even more difficult for most Westerners to know what goes on in Japan from the “inside.”

Reports by visiting Western judges soon made it clear that the Japanese were not just showing good dogs — they were starting to breed them, too, in some breeds.Toy Poodles and Papillons from Japan have become world famous in recent years.

Nobody has brought more top-quality dogs to Japan than Genji Ozeki — over a hundred imports in 20 years. Long a fixture at top shows in the U.S. and the rest of the world, Mr. Ozeki imported top dogs in a wide variety of breeds, although focusing primarily on his favorite Great Danes and Borzoi. Yet until now his story has not been told in any Western magazine. Dogs in Review is proud to present this groundbreaking interview and grateful to Mr. Ozeki’s daughter, Mai, for her invaluable assistance.

Mr. Ozeki was interviewed by Dogs in Review Editor-at-Large Bo Bengtson.

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