Legislation and the Dog Community Part Two: Canine Federations


One day a story in the local newspaper describes a law soon going into effect: it is now illegal to own more than five dogs. People with several dogs are angry. Even owners with only one dog feel the new law intrudes on their privacy. Dog breeders are irate.

Dog owners throughout the district write to their local representative, wondering how such a law came to be and who was behind it. By now the law has deep roots: it has gone through months of complex legal discussion among lawmakers and animal control groups that often petition for such laws and have salaried staff following legislation all the way to passage. Little can be done.

Might regular dog owners and breeders have helped prevent this by influencing the legislative process before the proposed law reached advanced stages?

Opposing such laws is a daunting task. Legal details are highly technical, consuming time and attention most people do not have. Still, dog owners can be more informed about the legal wrangling that takes place — often beyond the public eye — on animal-related laws. Legislative surprises can be avoided when organized groups advocate for reasonable animal ownership policies, if people with legal knowledge and commitment follow legislative proposals from the earliest stages. With that kind of attention, laws can be quashed before going too far, or at least revised to represent dog owners' interests.

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