Success in Show Dogs

Alas, the Withering Dog Game


Perhaps it’s time we stop and take a truly objective look at what’s really going on in today’s sport of purebred dogs. Registrations are at an all-time low, dog show entries continue to plummet and the responsibility for staging and producing our dog shows is left in the hands of those who we euphemistically refer to as being in their “golden years.” Young blood is rarely seen at this level.  

There are a lot of conversations, along with many articles, devoted to “the situation.” But I wonder just how much responsibility we — yes “we,” as in those of us who refer to ourselves as the totally dedicated and committed — are taking for what is happening? We nod our heads at the piously written editorials decrying the sad state we’re in, and we band together to discuss the problem while patting ourselves on the back for our level of dedication. All that is well and good, but if we’re so dedicated and so devoted to protesting what is happening to the sport, why does the problem continue to get worse?

Oh, yes, the economy. Couldn’t be worse, right? There’s no denying that the good old U. S. of A is not in great shape at the moment. But our problem of a withering dog game began considerably ahead of the financial crisis America currently faces.

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