5 Minutes International with Ferelith Somerfield, U.K.

How did you first become involved in dogs? When? What breeds have you been involved with and in what capacity — breeder, owner, handler?

My mother, Diana Hamilton, was breeding and showing dogs when I was born, so I can’t remember a time without dogs. I should explain that my father’s sisters, Helen Hamilton and Margaret Temple, started the Oudenarde Kennel in the 1920s and my mother joined them when she married their brother. So I inherited my love of dogs from both sides. They bred Cairn, Border and Irish Terriers, Dalmatians, Beagles, English Setters and Japanese Chin. When I married Stafford Somerfield I also became very involved with Boxers, Fox Terriers, Sealyhams, Welsh and Lakeland Terriers.

I have handled some to their titles but am a very poor handler!

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