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Does the Purebred Dog World Have a Death Wish?

With all that's going on, wouldn't you think that the show dog community would do its best to show a good face to the world? We need to do a much better job at public relations instead of wasting our time fighting with each other.

Keeping Ourselves Honest as Judges

In the end, the only person that can keep you honest as a judge is you. Rules, regulations and field representatives aside, we are the masters of our own accountability every time we step inside a ring.

Terry Chacon Exhibit at the AKC Museum of the Dog

A stunning exhibit of artist Terry d. Chacon’s work opened in May 2014 at the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog in St. Louis.

Editor's Page: Handling Newbies Kindly

Let’s accept the present and work constructively to make today’s exhibitors and judges the best they can be.


Back to Basics: A Comparison of the Vizsla and the Weimaraner

In the conformation ring, in all the performance areas and at home on the couch, there is an ongoing comparison of the Vizsla to the Weimaraner. They are both Sporting dogs, and many similarities exist in their history, function and standards.

Being Honest With Ourselves as Dog Breeders

We all get foolish, full of ourselves and kennel-blind at one time or another in our careers as breeders. We need to be brutally honest with ourselves as dog breeders.

Irish Wolfhound Specialty Showcases the State of the Breed

National specialties illustrate where the breed stands at that moment in time. See where Irish Wolfhound breeders think their breed stands today.

Bad Behavior Goes Viral

Competition at dog shows from the 1800s to now has brought out the best in dogs but the worst in some of their owners. But today the Internet, specifically social media, allows the antics of one person to be seen by many.

Editor's Page: Are Good Dog People Falling Through the Cracks?

At a time when the fancy desperately needs to cultivate new participants, the atmosphere at shows seems especially unfriendly. For the very survival of our sport, we need a collective attitude adjustment, and soon.


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