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The AKC Website, SOS Comments and Sensible Suggestions

There’s been so much happening in our little world of dogs recently that it’s difficult to know where to start!

New Ideas for an Old-Time Breeder

Old-time breeders would be missing out on some wonderful opportunities if we didn’t use some of the amazing technology available today.

Judging Abroad 101

The privilege of judging abroad brings with it elevated responsibility in representing not only yourself but the AKC, the organization that holds your approval to judge.

Editor's Page: New York State of Mind

Welcome to our Westminster Issue!

Building Your Dog Show's Entry

All-breed clubs looking to increase entries need look no further than forming a relationship with local breed clubs. Yes it’s extra work but well worth the effort.


Dog Show Volunteer Organization Chart

Make your next show more efficient with Betty-Anne Stenmark’s volunteer organization chart.

What Performance Events Can Teach Us

All work and no play is not a recipe for dog show success.

Looking at Dog Shows Through an Outsider's Eyes

Experiencing our sport through the eyes of a "baby exhibitor” has more value than just reenergizing the juices of old-timers.

Looking at Dogs in a Positive Light When Judging

Positive and clearly explained judging can only be good for both judges and breeders, and for our breeds as well.

Putting a Judging Panel Together for Dog Shows

I am often asked how I go about assigning breeds for our dog show's judges, so here it is, step by step.


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