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All-Breed and Group Conformation Dog Shows in May 2014

Find an AKC all-breed or group conformation dog show to attend in May 2014.

How to Make the Most of Your Club Website

Make your parent club website inviting, accurate and easy to navigate, and tap into the power of social media to draw in more viewers and potential club members.

Using a Positive Approach When Judging

Some dog judges may first eliminate the least desirable dog or dogs, but there are at least as many, if not more, who begin by pulling out the most representative of the lot and from those select the one (or two) with the most of the best.

The Judges Approval System: Falling on Deaf Ears

The Judges Application and Approval process is not working, will not work, and in most cases is insulting and degrading to the people whose knowledge and experience are held in highest regard.

What We Can Learn From the American Rabbit Breeders Association

We in the dog fancy can learn a lot from the American Rabbit Breeders Association, which celebrates its heritage, protects its interests, and encourages the participation of breeders and exhibitors, both young and young at heart.


More on the AKC Judges Approval System

The fancy responds: judges "disrespected” and "insulted” in the process that’s done "irreparable damage” to the sport.

Editor's Page: What We Can Learn From Other Registries

If you’ve ever attended a competitive cat show, bird show or orchid show, you no doubt drew comparisons between those events and our own familiar dog shows.

Grooming & Presentation Trends Over the Decades

Experts examine some of the show dog grooming and presentation changes that have occurred over the decades.

Meet AKC Judge Peter Kubacz

Get to know AKC judge Peter Kubacz's background in life and dogs.


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