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Grooming & Presentation Trends Over the Decades: The Toy and Non-Sporting Groups

Almost from the start the grooming process in Poodles and all of the Toy and Non-Sporting breeds — particularly those with hair — has had an almost never-ending evolution of sophistication.

From My Perspective: Behind the Curtain of Oz

For exhibitors to better understand what lies behind the judge's magical curtain, so to speak, it would benefit everyone to unveil some of the mystery behind the scenes.

Life Before & After Westminster: An Interview with Ernesto Lara

During a recent visit to Greenfield Kennels in Bowmansville, Pa., Karen Steinrock sat down with Ernesto Lara to discuss his ascent to dog show stardom in America.

You Said It: Dog Show Bullies

Many exhibitors have experienced or witnessed the occasional display of poor sportsmanship or fierce gamesmanship, and a few have even experienced true bullying at dog shows.

Judges Announced for Westminster 2014

Betty Regina Leininger selected to judge Best In Show at the 138th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2014.


First Assignment at the Garden

Jerry Klein, DVM, discusses the thrill of receiving his first Westminster Kennel Club dog show judging assignment.

Quiz: The Working and Herding Groups

How well do you know the Working and Herding Groups? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

American Kennel Club Awards the 2013 Junior Scholarships

The American Kennel Club has selected 19 students from around the country to receive the AKC Junior Scholarships for 2013.

Advice for New Dog Show Exhibitors

Most dog show enthusiasts advise that beginners observe, learn and find a mentor, know their breed in and out, be patient and have fun.


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