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October 8, 2010




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October 2010

42 | Inside the Mind of Carol Harris,
Bo-Bett Italian Greyhounds and Whippets,
Winner of the 2009 Winkie®
 for Outstanding Breeder
by Richard ("Rick”) G. Beauchamp

46 | The Top Contenders for the
2010 Show Dogs of the Year Awards

60 | The Nominees for the 2010 Winkies®
for Annual Achievement: Comments
from the Nominating Committee
by Richard ("Rick”) G. Beauchamp

78 | The AKC Parent Club Conference
by Jane Missimer

82 | Breeder-Judges Breed Priorities: The Akita
by Nikki Riggsbee

90 | Take the Lead Hits a Homer at Fenway
by Pam Beale

98 | "The Real Dog Shows of New Jersey” --
2010 Westchester Kennel Club
by Dan Sayers

104 | Dogs in Review  Presents The Breeders Feature

108 | Breeders Speak Out
compiled by Allan Reznik

128 | Quiz: How Well Do You Know Breeders?
by Nikki Riggsbee

130 | The World’s Most Successful Kennel?
by Bo Bengtson

132 | A Kennel Visit With Greg Siner and
the Poole’s Ide Irish Water Spaniels
by Dan Sayers

144 | The Breeder’s Showcase at Santa Barbara
by Allan Reznik

162 | The 3rd Annual Mount Rainier
Working Dog Club Specialty
by Dan Nechemias


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6 | Editor’s Page
by Allan Reznik

10 | Bo Bengtson
At Large:
U.S. Judges Slighted?

14 | Success in
Show Dogs:
Withholding Awards
by Richard  (“Rick”) G.

20 | The British
Last Summer Shows,
Crufts Catalogs,
Exports to Asia
and AKC Grand
by Simon Parsons

26 | All My Views:
Hurricane Earl and
AKC/CHF Review
by Blackie Nygood

32 | O Canada:
From the West
by Dawne Deeley
From the East
by Clive Davies

48 | Health Matters:
Online Pharmacies —
Proceed with Caution
by Debra Eldredge, DVM

52 | World in Review:
Australia, Hungary,
Norway, Finland
and Belgium

123 | National Specialty
by Paula Pascoe

166 | Rates and

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