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August 6, 2010




August 2010

22 | Meet the Breed: Erin Go Braugh
After centuries in the shadow of the Irish Setter, the Emerald Isle's best-kept secret, the Irish Red and White Setter, comes into its own. More>>
by Stephanie Horan

28 | On Four Legs Again
Advances with prosthetic surgery give three-legged dogs the hope for better mobility. More>>
by Marcia King


32 | Against the Grain
Some dogs owners are turning to grain-free diets in an attempt to combat health problems caused by food intolerance.
by Meredith Wargo

36 | Help for Dogs with PRA
There's no cure for progressive retinal atrophy, but remapping your home with scent and sound landmarks will make life easier for your visually impaired dogs.
by Christina Chan

40 | The Cropping and Docking Controversy
Breeders and owners in the United States continue to crop and dock certain breeds, although the practice is banned in many other countries. Will this trend reach our shores? More>>
by Amy Fernandez

44 | Rare Breed Spotlight: Dogo Argentino
This devoted white knight protects, serves and cuddles wtih its beloved family. More>>
by Alice Bixler





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2 | From the Editor
First Road Trip More>>
by Jackie Brown

4 | Inbox

6 | Canine News

9 | 95 Years of Dog World

10 | In the Ring
Advanced Training: Amateurs can hone their handling skills by judging.
by Anne H. Bowes

12 | Sports and Fitness
Liquid Refreshment: There are plenty of fun ways for your dog to get wet.
by M. Christine Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D.

14 | Natural Health Solutions
Dog Warts: Natural methods can safely treat viral papillomas commonly seen in dogs. More>>
by Shawn Messonnier, D.V.M.

16 | Cook's Corner
Bargain Hunting: Simple tips to save cash while providing a balanced homemade dog diet.
by Mary Straus

18 | Breeder's Notebook
Two Ways to Spay: Surgical sterilization can be achieved by removing just the ovaries, or both the ovaries and the uterus.
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

20 | People
Heart, Soul and Oil Paint: Art Christine Merrill More>>
by April Balotro

46 | Herding Group Spotlight

50 | The Dog Shop

52 | Paws in Review

53 | Breeder Finder Index

69 | Classified Ads

71 | Advertiser Index

72 | My Story

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