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5 Things I Learned in This Issue of Dog World


1. Just three little genes are responsible for the myriad types of canine coats, including curly, smooth, wire, fluffy, short and long. To read about this recent discovery, turn to page 6.

2. Although hormone testing is the definitive way to detect pregnancy in humans, it’s a less reliable indicator of pregnancy in dogs. To learn more about canine pregnancy testing, see this month’s “Breeder’s Notebook” column on page 10.

3. Service dogs can help autistic children function more normally at home and in public. For more on these unique assistance dogs, go to page 20.

4. Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome is extremely similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans. For information about this disorder, check out “Understanding Canine Dementia” on page 26.

5. The Finnish Lapphund can have ring-shaped markings around its eyes, making it look as though it’s wearing glasses. To learn more about this bespectacled spitz breed, turn to page 30.


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