Dog World Table of Contents - February 2011

February 18, 2011




February 2011

28 | Meet the Breed: Face Time
Beneath its distinctive and distinguished beard lies the essence of the Miniature Schnauzer: pure fun. More>>
by Stephanie Horan

34 | Unlikely Athletes
8 active dogs bust breed boundaries in competitive sports.
by Kim Campbell Thornton

40 | Count Those Calories
Do you know your dog's magic number?
by Mary Straus



42 | Train the Temperament
Often mislabeled as shy or out of control, hard and soft dogs require special training methods to bring out their best.
by Peggy Swager

46 | What Nice Teeth You Have!
Veterinary dentistry's newest methods, procedures and products.
by Christina Chan

50 | Rare Breed Spotlight: White Shepherd
As intelligent and sure-footed as the German Shepherd Dog, this elegant breed has long been the subject of color controversy. More>>
by Alice Bixler








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4 | From the Editor
Now What? More>>
By Jackie Brown

6 | Inbox

8 | First Things First

11 | Reader Photos

12 | Canine News

16 | People
It's a Gallagher Thing: Top-ranking sheepdog handler, Michael Gallagher, shares a mutual dedication to the sheepdog world with two family members. More>>
by Tiffany Lin

18 | Breeder's Notebook
Canine Cred: The benefits and limitations of the American Kennel Club's new Breeder of Merit program.
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

20 | Advice from the Natural Vet
Ears at Their Best: Beat back ear infections with natural treatments.
by Deva Khalsa, V.M.D.

22 | Conformation Corner
Movin' On Up: How to gait your dog to a win.
By Jeffrey G. Pepper

24 | Training and Behavior
It's All About Focus: Train your dog to give you its full attention.
by M. Christine Zink, D.V.M., Ph.D.

26 | In the Community
Good Samaritan: A devoted dog-lover cares for a neglected German Wirehaired Pointer.
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

52 | Dog Shop

54 | Spotlight on Terriers

55 | Breeder Finder Index

69 | Classified Ads

71 | Advertiser Index

72 | My Story
Finding Dennis: A couple welcomes a rescue dog into their home and learns an important lesson. More>>

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