Against All Odds

A Shih Tzu miraculously survives a car collision


It was a clear summer evening. My neighbor’s 7-year-old granddaughter, Alexandra, was over for a visit with me and Heidi, my 2-year-old 14-pound Shih Tzu. 

As I read a story to my little guest, we suddenly heard a screeching noise coming from the busy route in front of our property. We both looked toward the road. Several cars had come to a halt. I immediately realized that Heidi was not sitting beside us.  

We ran down to the road. The driver of a Volvo and drivers from two other cars were standing around. One woman said she saw a black cat flee across the street with a little dog on its tail. The woman who drove the Volvo said, “That dog ran under my car.” We all looked for the dog. Suddenly, Heidi darted out from under the Volvo and scampered up the small slope toward me. She was barking at the women as if she was demanding an explanation for their carelessness. Of course, it was not their fault.

The witnesses couldn’t believe Heidi was able to walk. “How can that dog be alive? We saw her under the wheels of that Volvo,” they exclaimed. Everyone was in shock, almost afraid to even look at Heidi. The Volvo driver said she had heard a loud thud under her car; the driver behind the Volvo said, “There is no way that dog can be alive.” The witnesses expected to see a fatally injured dog, but there were no visible injuries on Heidi. Although she was clearly shaken and nervous from her traumatic experience, Heidi had managed to walk away from underneath the car with only a spot of blood on one paw and a patch of soot on the top of her head. 

 The driver of the Volvo profusely apologized for the situation. After exchanging phone numbers, she drove away. Then things got even stranger. She drove only about a half mile when radiator fluid and steam brought the car to a stop. She called AAA to have the car towed. 

A week later, the driver came by our home. She was shocked to see Heidi as chipper as ever. “That can’t be the dog I hit a few days ago!” She feared that, given the extent of damage to her car, Heidi must have had internal injuries that would have shown up by now and may have even died. Her repairman said there was $3,600 worth of damages to her car. She even had pictures to show us. 

When the insurance agent called, I related our story. The agent could not figure out how a small dog caused so much damage to the car. But the photos told the incredible story.

I know what happened. An angel pushed those car parts out of the way. Bless the angels, for they watched over my Heidi that day.

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Neil   Boston, MA

12/22/2010 6:28:20 PM

That is an incredible story. I believe that angels will step in and help without our asking. But I think that if we aknowledge their presence and thank them for just "being there" they will be ready when needed. The white light surrounded Heidi and served as a shield because, based on her words, Carol believes in angels.

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