Caught in Midair

Canine disc events will have your dog flying high.


Max crept forward, body crouched, muscles tensed, quivering with anticipation. Suddenly, the prey flew out in front of him, speeding away at ground level. The dog exploded from his hiding place, as if he was a wolf chasing a fleeing hare as it dodged and darted toward the safety of its burrow. The prey hesitated and seemed to float in the air. Max made a bound and a snatch and closed his jaws on it, rewarded with the satisfying sound of crunching plastic between his jaws.

If there’s one thing dogs most love to chase and retrieve, it’s a simple plastic object: the flying disc. More than any other retrieved object, a disc imitates the way animals move. It can hover in the air long enough for a dog to leap and catch it, and it can change direction in mid-flight, sometimes unexpectedly, just like a rabbit or a squirrel does when running. These actions bring out your dog’s natural prey drive.

Fun and competition
Organized disc-catching competitions provide an opportunity for dog and owner to team up and test their skills against others. In doing so, they strengthen their bond and their bodies.

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