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When I brought home my Miniature Poodle, I was determined to groom him myself. To do this, I was going to have to buy the equipment and learn some grooming skills.

My breeder was extremely helpful, showing me the tools she liked best and sharing some tips. I also found a wealth of information online from Internet forums and YouTube videos.

The first time I groomed Jäger, I was extremely nervous. I worried about accidentally hurting him or giving him a terrible haircut. Luckily, my breeder had set Jäger in a nice pattern just before I brought him home. For the first few months, all I had to do was clip his face, feet and tail, and neaten up his body a little. I learned a lot by simply following the lines my breeder had already created.

Eventually, I had to start setting my own patterns. I’m not ashamed to say that my first few grooming attempts were pretty bad. Good thing I was learning on a Poodle! I never had to wait long for the hair to grow back so I could try again.

Over time, I’ve gotten much better and I’ve come to really enjoy grooming sessions. Jäger doesn’t always look perfect, but it’s extremely rewarding to look at my freshly groomed dog and know I did it myself.

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