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March 7, 2009




Dog World | March 2009

March 2009

26 | Meet the Breed: Elegance Meets Intelligence
Discover the Standard variety of the Poodle, a sporty and sophisticated companion. More>>
by Stephanie Horan

36 | Working Like a Dog
Meet 9 dogs who brave harsh weather and predators to herd and protect livestock.
by Lisa A. Hanks

42 | Happy Camping
Prepare for a safe and fun outdoor adventure with your dog.
by Audrey Pavia

46 | Are We There Yet?
Chronicling the myriad mishaps endured and lessons learned while traveling with dogs. More>>
by Susan M. Ewing

50 | The Case of Old Drum
How a beloved coonhound became the symbol of the human-canine bond.
by Amy Fernandez

54 | Europe's Canine Club
The FCI aims to protect and preserve purebred standards for breeds throughout the world. More>>
by Dawne Deeley

58 | Rare Breed Spotlight: Olde English Bulldogge
Created in the United States, this newer breed is reminiscent of the old bull-baiting dogs of the past. More>>
by Alice Bixler






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4 | From the Editor
Molly and Me More>>
by Jackie Franza

6 | Letters

8 | Canine News
AKC considers 10-Group system; China's dog-show scene; and more.
by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

14 | Breeder's Notebook
11 Essential Steps to Choosing a Stud Dog
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

16 | Natural Health Solutions
Travel Anxiety: Sooth car sickness and nerves with natural remedies. More>>
by Shawn Messonnier, DVM

18 | People
William Secord: Canine-art collector
by April Balotro

20 | Sports & Fitness
Addicted to Agility: All breeds can compete in this fast-paced sport.
by Maryanne Dell

22 | Cook's Corner
Safety First: Take special precautions when feeding meat, organs and eggs. More>>
by Rebecca L. Remillard, DVM, Ph.D.

24 | In the Ring
Training Your Show Puppy
by Anne H. Bowes

60 | Paws in Review
Books for the dog enthusiast
by Amy Fernandez

62 | Meet & Compete
Canine event listings
by Barbara Chuck

67 | The Dog Shop
Canine products and services

69 | Breeder Finder Index

108 | Classified Ads
Everything canine

111 | At Your Service
A guide to our advertisers

112 | My story
A black Puli named Toby starts his obedience career with a game of hide-and-seek.

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