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New Puppy in Time for the Puppy Issue


Each year, I look forward to working on Dog World’s Puppy Issue. The abundant adorable puppy photos are always a welcome treat. As this issue comes to a close, I’m left thinking how appropriate it is that I’ve been editing puppy articles for the past few weeks. The timing is a happy coincidence because tomorrow, I’ll be adding a new Miniature Poodle puppy to my family.

I’ve been dog-less for several years, so I had to stock up on supplies, from crates and beds to toys and treats. It was quite the shopping spree as I roamed the aisles picking up every puppy necessity imaginable.

I was lucky to meet a wonderful breeder who has been so helpful along the way. This is my first Poodle, so she answered my multitude of questions and shared insider tips about raising a Miniature Poodle.

I’m so excited about the new puppy that I can hardly sleep! Next month, I’ll be sure to show off some snapshots of my new fluffy family member, and share some tales about his first few weeks at home. 


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Judy   Neoga, IL

3/24/2010 7:38:28 AM

I have the May 2010 Special Puppy issue and I can't find the article on smart Ways TO BUY A PUPPY. Can you tell me what page is it on. I have looked and looked and still don't find it.

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