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Rescue Brings Years of Smiles


Since I can remember, I wanted a dog. I loved sheepdogs for their intelligence, and Nordic breeds for their independence, curly tails and happy smiles.

When I was 13, I finally found the perfect puppy. Her picture was posted on a rescue organization’s website. She was the cutest puppy I had ever seen: fat, fluffy and only 3 pounds. According to the website, the people who turned in the litter said she and her littermates had been raised in a barn.

Her father was a Rat Terrier mix and her mother was a Border Collie and American Eskimo Dog mix. The rescue organization had given all the puppies in the litter names starting with the letter V. My choice was named Venus, which means love.

I had to see her. I was very afraid someone else would adopt her first. My family and I drove to the shelter and went inside. Dogs whimpered and barked inside their crates. We went into the puppy room where we saw many puppies, mostly large shepherd mixes, some of them several months old. We didn’t see the adorable Nordic-sheepdog puppy.

I was sure we were too late and that Venus had been adopted. But then we were told that the rescue workers had just bathed a litter of puppies, which were still drying in the grooming room. We went inside. In two cages were six puppies. Some looked like terriers and some like Border Collies. Only one was a black-and-white fluff ball. We took her out and she played and wiggled and begged to be picked up. I knew she was mine.

We adopted her that day.

Now, five years later, Venus, renamed Rebel, is still my closest companion. True to her heritage, she learns with shocking speed and then decides whether or not she will demonstrate her new trick. She will do anything for food. She is wary of strangers and a bit of a loud mouth, but is a wonderful snuggler. She has a Border Collie face with an Eskie smile and a beautiful plumed tail she carries curled over her back. She is everything I dreamed of and so much more.

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