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May 2, 2010




May 2010

20 | Meet the Breed: In Love with That Mug
How the Pug snuffled and snorted its way to lasting popularity. More>>
by Kim Campbell Thornton

28 | Little Puppy, Big World
Vets and behaviorists weigh the benefits and risks or socializing before a puppy's vaccinations are complete.
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

34 | Let's Make a Deal
Both buyers and sellers have responsibilities during puppy transactions.
by Jeffrey G. Pepper

38 | The Art of Perfect Ears
Reinforce your puppy's growing ears with tape, glue or bracing. More>>
by Amy Fernandez

42 | Vintage Canines
In vineyards across the country, dogs are the wine-maker's muse.
by Lisa A. Hanks

46 | Rare Breed Spotlight: Cesky Terrier
This winsome breed fulfilled its creator's vision of an easy-care dog with consummate hunting ability. More>>
by Alice Bixler









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2 | From the Editor
New Puppy in Time for the Puppy Issue More>>
by Jackie Brown

3 | Inbox

4 | Canine News

7 | 95 Years of Dog World

8 | Natural Health Solutions
Back in Business: Chiropractic medicine focuses on adjusting a dog's vertebrae to fix ailments and maintain health.
by Shawn Messonnier, DVM

10 | Breeder's Notebook
Why Go With AI? Artificial inseminaiton opens a world of opportunities for breeders. More>>
by D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D.

12 | Cook's Corner
Growing Bodies: Protein plays a vital rold in a puppy's diet.
by Mary Straus

14 | In the Ring
Stiff Competition: Exhibiting a special puts your dog against formidable opponents. More>>
by Anne H. Bowes

16 | Sports and Fitness
Puppy Proprioception: Easy tricks to bolster your puppy's body awareness. More>>
by M. Christine Zink, Ph.D., DVM

18 | People
Constant Guardians: Corey Hudson, CEO for Canine Companions for Independence, explains how puppies are molded into top-notch service dogs.
by Kristopher Wardwell

50 | Breed Spotlights: Toy Group and Miscellaneous Class

55 | Paws in Review

56 | The Dog Shop

58 | Breeder Finder Index

76 | Classifid Ads

79 | Advertiser Index

80 | My Story More>>

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