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yd C. Brackett - Photo Property of DogWorldPlanned Breeding by Lloyd C. Brackett is a series of articles about purebred dog breeding that was originally published in Dog World magazine between July 1960 and May 1961. Dog World later compiled all nine installments and released them in book format. In 1961, the Dog Writers Association of America gave Brackett an award for the best series of articles by a non-professional writer for his Planned Breeding articles.

Fifty years later, Brackett is still considered by many to be one of the great dog breeders of all time. Breeding theories are ever changing, but many of the methods described in Planned Breeding still hold true today, and Brackett’s writings are part of purebred dog history.

In her book Born to Win: Breed to Succeed (Kennel Club Books), celebrated breeder-owner-handler and American Kennel Club judge Patricia Craige Trotter shared these words about Brackett: "Brackett’s articles published in Dog World magazine ... were avidly read, re-read and studied in depth by this then-neophyte breeder. His work influenced generations of breeders as well as generations of dogs.”

Editor-in-Chief of Dogs in Review Allan Reznik adds: "With the arrival of the computer, the Internet, breeder software and progesterone testing, clearly we have high-tech tools available to us today that Lloyd Brackett would have dismissed as science fiction. Still, many breeders consider Brackett’s advice timeless. Planned Breeding is historically significant and worth knowing about. He was a breeder of the old school who probably guided many of your mentors back in the day.”

About the Author: A German Shepherd Dog breeder and judge, and at the time of writing the series, the oldest living continuous fancier of the breed in America, Brackett is considered one of the fathers of the GSD in the United States. His theories on breeding were proven in his Long-Worth Kennels, where he established his own strain and produced more than 90 champions in only 12 years.

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Planned Breeding: Part I

The first installment of Lloyd C Brackett’s famous series of articles about purebred dog breeding discusses inbreeding, linebreeding and outcrossing, including their advantages and disadvantages. More »

Planned Breeding: Part II

Part II of Planned Breeding discusses why it’s important to pay close attention to bloodlines, particularly when attempting to linebreed or inbreed. More »

Planned Breeding: Part III

In the third installment of the series, Brackett explains how to build a distinctive strain within a breed using linebreeding and inbreeding, and emphasizes the importance of choosing the right foundation bitch. More »

Planned Breeding: Part IV

Part IV discusses why, how and when outcrosses should be made. More »

Planned Breeding: Part V

In the fifth part of this nine-part series of breeding dogs, the author further discusses the concept of outcrossing, and stresses the importance of knowing as much about the ancestors in the breeding dogs’ pedigrees as possible. More »

Planned Breeding: Part VI

Part VI reminds readers that it’s imperative to educate themselves before attempting to breed dogs, and also discusses breed survey projects. More »

Planned Breeding: Part VII

The seventh installment of Planned Breeding attempts to contradict long-held ideas about the perils of inbreeding, and highlights inbreeding’s benefits. More »

Planned Breeding: Part VIII

In Part VIII, Brackett explains the differences between inherited and acquired characteristics, and uses examples to demonstrate dominant and recessive traits. More »

Planned Breeding: Part IX

The final installment of Lloyd C. Brackett’sPlanned Breeding series addresses common mistakes made by novice dog breeders, and introduces the advice to "let the sire of the sire be the grandsire of the dam, on the dam’s side.” More »


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