6 | Are You Ready for a Dog?
Examine your lifestyle to determine if a canine companion is right for you.
By Lisa A. Hanks

16 | Find a BFF
Meet 15 breeds you’ll love.
By Eve Adamson

42 | Choosing a Breeder
Asking the right questions will lead you to your perfect puppy.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

50 | Tips for Adopting a Puppy
Will you find your new best friend in a shelter or rescue?
By Debbie Swanson

58 | Accident Prevention 101
Protect your curious new pup as he explores your house and yard.
By Hazel J. Kelly

66 | Nine Nifty Training Tips
For best results, use consistency and offer the right rewards.
By Susan McCullough

74 | Raising a Well-Adjusted Puppy
Socialization allows your pup to explore the world around him without fear.
By Kyra Kirkwood

80 | Growing Big, Eating Right
Good nutrition will serve your puppy well into the future.
By Peter Barnes

88 | 20 Best Grooming Tips
Get your puppy ready for a lifetime of good grooming.
By Lisa Murray

94 | To Your Puppy’s Health
Our health care planner outlines the basics of your puppy’s first year.
By Diana Laverdure

102 | The Sporting Life
Dog sports provide your dog a fun challenge and keep him out of trouble.
By Susan Chaney

110 | Growing Up Together
Help your two-legged and four-legged children become fast friends.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

120 | Not Ready for Their Close-Ups
A glimpse into the glamorous world of puppy wrangling.
By Peter Gerstenzang

130 | 2010 Photo Contest Winners
Announcing the winners of Puppies USA’s “Little Angel” and “Little Devil” photo contests. More >>

136 | 2011 Photo Contest Announcements
Want to see your puppy in Puppies USA? Enter our “Happy Puppy” and “Healthy Puppy” photo contests. More >>

138 | Tricks for Treats
Book excerpt: Tackling trick training with treats.
By Jean M. Fogle

144 | Boredom Busters
Book excerpt: How to keep your dog busy and happy.
By Nikki Moustaki

240 | Paws and Reflect



34 | Breed Chart

87 | Beware!
Know which plants and foods are no-nos for your dog.

124 | Products for Your New Puppy

148 | Dog Lovers’ Yellow Pages

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