Famous Dog Names

Andrew Mary Poppins 1964 Miss Lark's dog who frequently runs away.
Angus McBarker Mr. Magoo 1949-97 Quincy McGoo's talking Bulldog who shares his owner's facial features and poor eyesight.
Apollo Magnum-P.I. 1980-88 Higgins' beloved, highly trained, and exceptionally loyal guard dog.
Arnold Life Goes On 1989-93 The "Semi-wonder dog" who lives with the Thacher family.
Asta The Thin Man 1934 A wire-haired fox terrier belonging to a crime-solving married couple.
Astro The Jetsons 1962-87 Though he is clumsy and dim-witted, he proves to be very loyal to the Jetsons.
Aussie Aussie and Ted's Great Adventure 2009 An Australian mutt who embarks on a mission to return his young owner's missing Teddy Bear.
B. Dawg Space Buddies 2008 This puppy travels to space along with his other puppy-buddies.
Bailey The Adventures of Bailey: The Lost Pup 2010 When Bailey's family moves to a new home, they accidentally leave this poor puppy behind.
Balto Balto 1995 A true story about a dog who helped save children from the diphtheria epidemic in the 1925 serum run to Nome.
Bandit Little House on the Prarie (book, tv series) 1935, 77-83 A stray dog Laura adopted that became a part of the family.
Barkley Sesame Street 1969-99 A puppet originally named Woof-Woof.
Bart Kate & Leopold 2001 Kate's ex-boyfriend's dog.
Baxter Anchorman 2004 Ron's best friend and loyal companion.
Bayard Alice in Wonderland 2010 The Red Queen's pet dog.
Beast The Sandlot 1993 A seemingly ferocious dog who frightens the neighborhood children.
Beatrice Best in Show 2000 One of the five star dogs who compete for Best in Show.
Beethoven Beethoven 1992 A mischevious, slobbering St Bernard dog who becomes the center of attention for a loving family, but his vet secretly wants to kill him.
Belvedere Belvedere (comic) 1962-95 An intelligent and spoiled dog.
Benji Benji 1974-2004 A lovable stray dog in a small town befriended by the locals.
Bimbo Betty Boop 1930s Betty Boop's pet dog and lovable companion.
Blue Blue's Clues 1996-2002 A cute and clever dog who leaves clues for his master.
Bobby GreyFriars Bobby 2006 True story: After a man dies of tuberculosis, his beloved dog spends the rest of his life sitting on his master's grave.
Bolt Bolt 2008 A TV star who believes he has superpowers.
Brain Inspector Gadget 1982-86 Inspector gadget's loveable and faithful pet dog.
Brian Family Guy 1999-present The Brown-educated family dog with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor and aspirations to be a successful writer.
Bruiser Legally Blonde 2001 Elle's pampered little Chihuahua.
Bruno Cinderella 1950 Cinderella's loveable pet dog.
Brutus The Ugly Dachshund (book, movie) 1938, 1966 A large dog who grows up with Dachshund puppies, thinking he is one of them.
Buck Call of the Wild (book, movie) 1903, 23, 35, 72, 97 A domesticated dog who ends up serving as a sled dog in the Yukon.
Budderball Space Buddies 2008 This puppy travels to space along with his other puppy-buddies.
Buddha Space Buddies 2008 This puppy travels to space along with his other puppy-buddies.
Buddy Air Bud 1997 This former clown-dog meets a new friend who teaches him to play basketball and he later joins the local high school's basetball team.
Bullseye Taget commercials since 1999 A pure white miniature Bull Terrier with a red bullseye painted around her left eye.
Butkus Rocky I & II 1976, 1979 Butkus was given to Rocky as a gift to keep him company during his training.
Champ Homeward Bound 1993 Along with Shadow and Sassy, this happy-go-lucky dog goes on a journey to find his boy.
Charlie B. Barkin All Dogs Go to Heaven 1989 A roguish mongrel dog with a con man's charm who is murdered, but gives up his palce in heaven to help his best friend and an orphan girl on Earth.
Clifford Clifford the Big Red Dog (books, TV series, video games) 1963-present An outgoing and friendly dog who sometimes gets into trouble because of his size.
Copper The Fox and the Hound 1981 A hound who begins an unlikely friendship with a fox.
Eddie Fraiser 1993-2004 Martin's faithful companion and partner in crime.
Einstein Back to the Future 1985 Doc's loyal companion and first living creature to time travel.
Fang Harry Potter films 2001-present Hagrid's loveable giant pet dog.
Frank Men in Black I & II 1997, 2002 Though Frank appears to be a normal pug dog, he is actually an extraterrestrial in disguise.
Friday Hotel for Dogs 2009 Two orphans hide their dog at an abandoned hotel after their strict guardians tell them that pets are forbidden at home.
George Bringing Up Baby 1938 Susan's pet Scotch Terrier.
Gidget Taco Bell commercials 1997-2001 A chihuahua known for the catch phrase "Yo Quiero Taco Bell".
Goofy Disney character 1932-present A goofy, happy and clumsy dog.
Hachiko Hachiko: A Dog's Story 2009 A loyal Japanese dog.
Hooch Turner and Hooch 1989 A large, slobbery dog who is Turner's only "witness" to a murder.
Hubert Best in Show 2000 One of the five star dogs who compete for Best in Show.
Huckleberry Hound The Huckleberry Hound Show 1958-1962 A blue dog that speaks with a Southern drawl with a relaxed sweet and well-intentioned personality.
Itchy Itchiford All Dogs Go to Heaven 1989 A paranoid, nervous, and cowardly Dachshund who is best friends with Charlie B. Barkin.
Jenna Balto 1995 A female husky who falls in love with the wolf-dog hybrid Balto.
Jerry Lee K9 1989 Along with his partner, this drug sniffing police dog attempts to sovle crimes - but only when he feels like working.
Lady Lady and the Tramp 1955 A pampered female dog who falls in love with a raffish male dog from the "wrong" side of town.
Laika Explored space in Sputnik 1957 Laika was the first living creature to orbit the earth. With no way to bring her back after being launched into space, she gave her life for the exploration of space.
Lassie The Adventures of Lassie; Lassie Come Home 1938-2006 After a family is forced to sell their dog for money, Lassie goes on a journey to find her way home.
Lucky Dr. Dolittle 1998, 2001, 06, 09 The dog belonging to the doctor who has the ability to speak to animals.
Luiz Rio 2011 A mean-looking but friendly bulldog who aids Blu in his journey.
Magenta Blue's Clues 1996-2002 Blue's best friend who helps him with clues.
Marley Marley & Me 2008 A loveable menace who shapes the life of a family.
Marmaduke Marmaduke (comic and film) 1954-present Marmaduke is the Winslow family's giant Great Dane.
Max How the Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 A little dog with a big heart, Max is often taken advantage of by his owner, the Grinch. Though the Grinch forces Max to perform hard labor, he loves the dog and takes care of him.
Max The Little Mermaid 1989 Prince Eric's happy and loving dog.
Milo The Mask 1994 Stanley Ipkiss's dog who senes the mask is evil from the moment he first sees it.
Miss Agness Best in Show 2000 One of the five star dogs who compete for Best in Show.
Mudbud Space Buddies 2008 This puppy travels to space along with his other puppy-buddies.
Nana Peter Pan (play, book movie) 1904, 11, 53, 43, 79, 90, 98 A dog who is hired to look after a family's three children.
Napolean The Aristocats 1970 A farm dog
Odie Garfield 1978-present This kind yet slightly unintelligent dog is Garfield's best friend and victim.
Old Yeller Old Yeller (book, movie) 1956-57 A stray dog who saves a young boy and wins the affection of his family.
Onion Scenes of a Sexual Nature 2006 A miniature bull terrier with a taste for the limelight.
Otis The Adventures of Milo and Otis 1986 Along with his cat best friend, this dog travels on a series of adventures.
Percy Pocahontas 1995 Governor Radcliffe's pampered little dog who evetually becomes friends with the woodland creatures.
Perdita 101 Dalmatians 1996 Pongo and Perdita are parents to 99 puppies and must protect them from the evil Cruella De Vil, who wants ti skin them for their fur.
Petey Our Gang (series), Little Rascals (film) 1920s A spunky pitbull that hangs out with the neighborhood kids.
Pluto Disney character since 1930 Mickey's happy-go-lucky dog.
Pongo 101 Dalmatians 1996 Pongo and Perdita are parents to 99 puppies and must protect them from the evil Cruella De Vil, who wants ti skin them for their fur.
Porkchop Doug 1991-99 Doug's pet dog who lives in an igloo-shaped house.
Quark Honey I Shrunk the Kids (movie, TV series) 1989, 1997-2000 When an inventor accidentally shrinks his neighbor's kids, the family dog is the only one who can hear their voices.
Queenie Water for Elephants 2006 A Jack Russell Terrier who runs with a traveling circus.
Rainy Cool Dog 2012 A dog who finds his way home in New York City.
Rhapsody in White Best in Show 2000 One of the five star dogs who compete for Best in Show.
Rin Tin Tin Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 1922 In reality, Rin Tin Tin was a pup found by American serviceman Lee Duncan in France a few months before the end of WW1. Named for a puppet called Rintintin that French children gave to the American soldiers for good luck, the dog returned at war's end with Duncan to his home in LA, California. He soon became a film star.
Rosebud Space Buddies 2008 This puppy travels to space along with his other puppy-buddies.
Rover Rescued by Rover 1905 This faithful family dog rescues a kidnapped baby.
Rusty Rusty: The Great Rescue 1997 A courageous canine who protects his family from bad guys.
Samantha I Am Legend 2008 Samantha is a scientist's only friend in a postapocalyptic society.
Scooby Doo Scooby Doo, Where Are You? 1969-present This large, goofy dog assists a group of teenagers in solving crimes involving the "supernatural".
Scraps A Dog's Life 1918 A dog who helps a tramp and a dance hall singer survive in the city.
Shadow Homeward Bound 1993 Along with Champ and Sassy, this old and loyal dog goes on a journey to find his boy.
Shiloh Shiloh 1997, 99, 2006 An abused dog who finds a new, loving home.
Skip My Dog Skip (book, movie) 1995, 2000 A young boy's best friend in a small southern town.
Slinky Toy Story 1995 A slinky dog toy that comes to life.
Snoopy Peanuts comic 1950-2000 Charlie Brown's dog who sometimes forgets he is a dog.
Spike Rugrats 1991-2005 Tommy's happy-go-lucky dog.
Spuds MacKenzie Bud Light commercials 1987-92 Usually seen water skiing, skateboarding, lounging by a pool with beautiful women or something else equally glamorous, Spuds was the original party animal.
Steele Balto 1995 A proud and fierce Husky who leads the dog sled team.
Stella Modern Family 2009-present Jay and Gloria's pampered pet dog.
Toto The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (book, movie) 1900, 1939 Along with his owner Dorothy, this little dog goes on a big adventure to find the Wizard of Oz.
Tramp Lady and the Tramp 1955 A raffish male dog from the "wrong" side of town who falls in love with a pampered female dog.
Underdog Underdog (TV series, movie) 1964-73, 2007 A dog with super powers who always speaks in rhymes.
White Fang White Fang (book, movie, TV series) 1906, 36, 91-94 A wolf-dog during the Klondike Gold Rush who becomes domesticated.
Winky Best in Show 2000 One of the five star dogs who compete for Best in Show.
Winn-Dixie Because of Winn-Dixie (book, movie) 2000, 2005 A mischievous dog who befriends a lonely young girl in a new town and helps her make new friends.
Wishbone Wishbone 1995-2001 A day-dreaming dog who goes on adventures.
Zero The Nightmare Before Christmas 1993 Jack Skelington's ghost dog.
Zeus Magnum-P.I. 1980-88 Higgin's beloved, highly trained, and exceptionally loyal guard dog.
Zeus Zeus and Roxanne 1997 A dog who befriends a dolphin.


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