Hilton Jokes About Taking Dog to White House

Heiress Paris Hilton says she’d consider running for president if her Chihuahua can go, too.

Posted: August 13, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Paris Hilton, who is enjoying positive reviews for her funny video response to a recent John McCain campaign ad that lampooned her, joked to fashion magazine WWD that she’d consider running for high office “if I can bring [my dog] Tinkerbell to the White House.”

The comedic video, in which Hilton announces her candidacy for president and outlines her energy policy while suggesting she’d paint the White House pink if elected, has been viewed more than 3 million times on the comedy Web site FunnyorDie.com, created by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. 

“It was a lot of fun,” the heiress told WWD.

Hilton drew criticism in February when she announced to Ellen DeGeneres on her show that she owns 17 dogs. “They all sleep in my bed – well, not all of them, but I let some of them,” Hilton said. She added that the dogs “keep having babies, and I feel bad about giving them away.”

When DeGeneres asked Hilton why she didn’t get the dogs neutered, she said that they all now were “fixed,” but later admitted, “well, two of them weren’t.”

The admission earned Hilton a citation from the city of Los Angeles, which limits pet ownership to three dogs and three cats per household unless a resident retains a special breeding license.


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CJ   Redwood, CA

8/13/2008 7:45:46 AM

I am NOT a Paris Hilton fan! I think that she is a complete Ding-Dong! However, I do think so people are taking this article a little to serious. I am sure she said she would run in a lite hearted way! If she would have said she was not ever consider taking her dog with her she would have been criticized for that too! But, watch the video makes more sense even though it was not probably her own words! But hey who do you want for President, a liar who can;t admit he is a liar like Bush and McCain or an honest Ding-Dong!! Either way we as American's are loosing!

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Patty   La Mirada, CA

8/13/2008 7:38:07 AM

What a moron! Lets elect a bimbo for president! Her election motto could be..."America...that's hott." I hope she has a gazillion flea bites.

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