$1 Million Up for Grabs in Shelter Makeover

Website competition aims to raise awareness for homeless dogs and cats.

Posted: October 28, 2008, 5 a.m. EDT

Animal shelters across America are getting another shot at winning a $1 million prize with the Second Annual Shelter Makeover Contest, launched by Zootoo.com, a social networking website for pet owners.

The contest gives animal shelters the chance to increase adoptions and help raise awareness for cats and dogs in need, according to the company. Participating shelters earn points when their supporters register on the site and share photos, stories, and advice about pets.

The shelter with the most public votes on the website at the contest’s close wins the grand prize. This year’s contest ends May 1, 2009. Nineteen runners-up will share awards totaling $195,000.

More than 1,000 animal shelters took part in the first Shelter Makeover, which was won by Stray Rescue of St. Louis in St. Louis, Mo. That makeover is in the works.

Richard Thompson, Zootoo.com founder, said that every shelter that participated in the first contest was a winner as demonstrated by an increase in donations by 21 percent and adoptions by 30 percent, “all because of the attention they got from the contest. It’s exactly what we hoped would happen – bringing shelters and communities together.”


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debbie   Jerome, ID

3/22/2011 5:45:38 PM

To Whom It May
Will there be any up, and coming shelter makeovers?Maybe instead of a 1 million dollar makeover, maybe do multiple $ 50,000 or $100,000 dollar makeovers.. There are so many shelters out there that are barely functional, and so many helpless animals are suffering because of
Though our shelter here is functional, It is still in need of a make over... Our funding here isn't even enough to run it on a full time bases. We have to at times triple up dogs in our kennels We have no room to help cats so they are left out in the streets to suffer.. There is also a sheller in a near by town that is only able to house their dogs in outdoor tiny kennels with dog houses built by the boy scouts... Some of the dogs won't even go inside the house and spend the winter in freezing temps out in the blowing snow...I would love to get an extreme makeover for our local shelter and then have the surrounding shelter be contracted into one nice functioning shelter. That way we won't have to support a lot of barely functional shelter, all the support and funding could go to one awesome shelter.My hopes are to get Animal Planet to take this shelter makeover idea and make a weekly show like the home edition makeover show, so many shelters need help and so many animals are suffering...

Thanks for your time, Debbie

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