The DogChannel Newswire (12-03-08)

Two convicted in L.A. dogfighting bust; Oregon statehouse to be dog-free; and other news.

Posted: December 3, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

Two Convicted in L.A. Dogfighting Bust
Photographs released by police show the sorry state of 17 dogs and puppies rescued by police from an illegal dogfighting ring in Los Angeles. Two men have now been charged and convicted of 10 counts of animal cruelty, (Calif.) reports.
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Oregon Statehouse To Be Dog-Free
Lawmakers can’t end the partisan bickering, but they’re going to stop the barking. In an effort to instill a more professional atmosphere — and protect their expensive new furniture — legislative leaders plan to ban dogs from the statehouse. Service dogs, such as those that assist the blind, would remain welcome. Taxpayers recently spent $34 million to renovate and refurnish the Capitol’s office wing, so there’s incentive to keep pets off the new couches and carpet, the Associated Press reports.
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Allergic and Wheezing, but Still Keeping Pets
It started with sinus congestion for Shawna Coronado. Then the splitting migraines came. Coronado soon discovered the furry causes: Harrington and Kalamazoo. Her 30-pound Pug and orange tabby scattered dead skin flakes around the house, triggering Coronado’s allergic reactions. Her two daughters are also allergic, but their reactions are less severe. Like the 10 million American pet owners with allergies, the Coronados faced a dilemma: Can human and dog co-exist in the same house? CNN reports.
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California Dog Park Gets Sculpture
Two dogs at the Ashley Memorial Dog Park will never run away, and don’t worry, they won’t bite you. The dogs are a Great Dane and Chihuahua, part of the “Big Guy and Little Guy” statue created by Bill Santos, 82, and his daughter Susan Santos of Auburn, the Auburn Journal reports.
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Vet Office Pets Help Others Heal
Clinic cats and dogs are a true gift if your pet needs medical care during the holiday season — or anytime of the year, for that matter. The furry professionals, who live and work at veterinary hospitals, comfort in times of crisis, heal heavy hearts when things go wrong, and donate blood to save lives in emergencies. But that’s just part of their job description. They also offer ankle rubs, tail wags, and therapeutic laughs to the hard-working vets and all those weary, worried folks in the waiting room. Clinic canines and kitties dispense a cheery prescription that makes everyone feel better, the San Antonio (Texas) Express reports.
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