Wyoming City Changes Dog Rabies Ordinance

Cheyenne’s dog owners will be given a three-year vaccine option, waiver for sick pets.

Posted: December 17, 2008, 5 a.m. EST

City officials in Cheyenne, Wyo., have approved a three-year rabies vaccination schedule for cats and dogs.

The Cheyenne City Council on Dec. 8 voted 8-2 to amend the rabies vaccination ordinance so that pet owners will no longer be required to take their animals in for a rabies shot every year. The ordinance includes a medical exemption for sick animals.

The ordinance states that it is up to the pet owner whether to vaccinate for rabies every year or every three years. However, it’s recommended that owners talk to their veterinarians to decide on an individualized vaccination schedule for their cat or dog, taking into consideration the animal’s health, lifestyle, and risk of exposure.

Area veterinarians, led by Dr. Rodney Hartshorn, were in support of the new 3-year protocol. Hartshorn said the city’s one-year booster rule was outdated.


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Judy   Cotton, MN

5/6/2010 10:46:42 AM

Pets that are strictly indoors should not be required to have a Rabies vaccine. The adverse risks of the vaccine itself far outweigh the risk of the animal ever contracting Rabies.

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Cirdan   Grey Havens, ME

12/17/2008 10:16:06 PM

Thank goodness! Poor Rico died because of the rabies vaccine. Older dogs should be exempt!!!!!

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Anna   Maple Grove, MN

12/17/2008 7:40:23 AM

That's great! Overvaccinating is not good for pets. I've heard that rabies shots can last up to 7 years!

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