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Combat dog suffers from stress; Massachusetts bans surgical debarking; and other news.

Posted: March 5, 2010, 2 a.m. EST

Poison Suspected in Another Spokane Dog Death
A dog died mysteriously in the South Hill neighborhood of Spokane, Wash., after eating something in its back yard. Animal Control is waiting for test results from Washington State University to determine if the death Tuesday was the latest in a string of dogs killed by someone putting out poisoned meatballs, The Associated Press reports.
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Combat Dog Suffers From Stress
When the Marines cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war, one remains in his kennel. Quivering. Out of the 58 bomb-sniffing dogs the Marines have in Afghanistan, only one — a yellow Lab named Gunner — is suffering from such severe canine post-traumatic stress disorder that he had to sit out the ongoing offensive in central Helmand Province, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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Massachusetts Votes to Ban Surgical Dog ‘Debarking’
The Massachusetts House has voted overwhelmingly to ban the surgical "debarking" or silencing of dogs or cats. By a 150-1 vote, the House approved the bill, which prohibits the devocalization of dogs and cats unless a licensed veterinarian certifies that the procedure is medically necessary to relieve an illness, disease or injury, The Associated Press reports.
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If It’s Cold for You It Could Be Dangerous for Your Pet
If this winter, with its bitterly cold days and record-setting snowfalls, has been cold for you, imagine how it might be for your pet. The basic rule is if you're not comfortable in the cold, your pet probably isn't either, veterinarian Marty Becker said Thursday on "Good Morning America,” ABC News reports.
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