The DogChannel Newswire (01-25-11)

Pet poisoning on the rise in North Dakota; dog owners upset over California leash rules; other news.

Posted: January 25, 2011, 2 a.m. EST

Pet Owners Beware: Rat Poisoning on the Rise in N.D.
Pet owners in Bismark, N.D., need to keep a watchful eye on their dogs. Local veterinarian Vince Stenson, D.V.M., says cases of rat poisoning involving dogs in Williston are on the rise. Just this week, Stenson saved the lives of two dogs from rat poisoning. He says, “The key is not to wait until the signs occur. The signs typically take two, three, four, five days to show up. So if we can start the antidote before the symptoms show up the prognosis is excellent,” KFYR-TV reports.
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Experts Say Driving With Unrestrained Dogs Can Be Deadly
Man’s best friend is not a driver’s best friend. While lawmakers around the country have been banning drivers from texting or using cell phones, many motorists are riding around with another dangerous risk — their dogs. Experts say an unrestrained dog — whether curled up on a lap, hanging out the window or resting its paws on the steering wheel — can be deadly. Tens of thousands of car accidents are believed caused every year by unrestrained pets, the Lake County News-Sun reports.
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Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean
February, National Pet Dental Health Month, is nearly upon us again. Time to take a look in your pet’s mouth. Dental disease remains the most commonly diagnosed health problem in dogs and cats. Signs of dental disease include bad breath, tooth loss, painful or bleeding gums, drooling and the presence of tartar — a yellow-brown crust on the teeth. According to the American Dental Society, 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of dental disease by age 3, the Columbia Daily Tribune reports.
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Northern California Dog Owners Howl Over Proposed Leash Rules
A new federal proposal to tighten leash rules on parkland in and around San Francisco has many dog owners barking mad. The 2,400-page plan released earlier this month by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the country's largest urban national park, would mandate leashes in open spaces where dogs currently roam untethered. Some popular dog-walking areas would be closed to canines entirely, partly to protect wildlife and native plants, The Washington Post reports.
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