The DogChannel Newswire (2-17-11)

Nearly mailed puppy goes up for adoption; pet adoptions using social media; and other news.

Posted: February 17, 2011, 2 a.m. EST

San Francisco Dog Walkers Could Be Required to Get Permits
Professional dog walkers in San Francisco may soon need a permit to take their four-legged clients to city parks. The suggestion, unleashed Tuesday by Supervisor Scott Wiener, comes as federal authorities are looking to significantly expand restrictions on dogs on Golden Gate National Recreation Area property, which city officials fear could dramatically increase the number of pooches visiting San Francisco's public parks, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.
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Kneecap Dislocation in Dogs: Common But Easily Fixable
The overall anatomy of mammals is pretty constant. But for some reasons, different names are used when it comes to animals. For instance, the dog knee is called the stifle, although all the structures are the same as in the human knee. And just as is the case with humans, dogs can suffer from a dislocation or a luxation of their kneecap, the patella in medical terms. But this is where the similarities stop, the Nashuah Telegraph reports.
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Nearly Mailed Puppy Goes Up for Adoption
A 4-month-old Poodle-Schnauzer mix will officially go up for adoption Friday after the dog's embattled owner failed to post a bond by a required deadline. A city of Minneapolis news release says an in-person drawing will be held around 2 p.m. CT Friday at the Minneapolis Animal Care and Control shelter. About 10 names will be chosen and numbered off. Those selected will undergo screening, and the first name drawn and determined eligible can take the puppy home after a routine adoption procedure, MSNBC reports.
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With Social Media, Pet Adoptions Are Love at First ‘Like’
They’re not able to talk, of course, yet animals in Las Vegas shelters are finding their voices online. The animals, via their human caregivers, are tweeting and posting on Facebook, and it is helping them find new homes more quickly. Despite his limited staff, small budget and about 800 animals on any given day to care for, Doug Duke of the nonprofit Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spends time taking photos of the animals, posting about them on the organization’s blog, then tweeting links and posting the biographies on Facebook, the Las Vegas Sun reports.
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