Would You Let a Robot Walk Your Dog?

How do you spell "W-A-L-K” in Binary so your pet doesn’t know what you’re saying?

By | Posted: May 23, 2014, 11 a.m. PST

Let’s face it: drones are the next big thing in technology. I have heard stories of hotels offering champagne via drone delivery, people are taking selfies with drones and calling them "dronies”, and just last recently, Domino’s Pizza announced they would be testing pizza delivery by these radio-controlled helicopters in the hopes that someday this futuristic dream would become a reality.

This week, a videographer in New York has come up with a new job for our soon-to-be flying robotic servants: dog-walking.

In a highly stylistic video posted to his Vimeo page, Jeff Myers is seen mapping out a route for his drone, attaching a leash to his Golden Retriever, and setting it out on its daily routine. The high definition camera attached to the drone captured all the action. The drone followed the path 100% accurately, as on-looking neighbors stood by stunned.

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future Part 2? When Marty McFly visits the year 2015, he encounters a dog being walked by a flying object. We might not be scooting around in flying cars next year, but it turns out the filmmakers actually got one thing right!



As futuristic as it looks, this is of course not exactly what the world (or your dog) needs. Most people find a lot of enjoyment in taking their dog for a walk. It is great exercise and bonding time for you and your pet. Also, a drone may not be able to control an easily excitable dog as well as an owner can. However, it does show potential for helping disabled people getting their dog the proper amount of exercise.

techy dog

I’m just as excited about the future as the next person, but unless Myers found a way to attach a pooper-scooper to his drone, I wouldn’t let him drone-walk his dog in my neighborhood!

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Melian and Tiny   Etna, CA

5/29/2014 11:53:49 PM

I wouldn't let a robot walk my dog because I want to walk my dog!

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Mary   st. louis, Missouri

5/24/2014 7:19:45 AM

Much too dangerous for the dog. What if a dog sees a squirrel and takes off? A drone hasn't the strength to keep it on the programmed path. What about cars? How does a drone account for crosswalks and stop lights? Or other unfriendly dogs or predators?

Way too much potential for mishaps.

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