Tinkerbelle the Dog Struts Her Stuff in "Cupcakes” Video

Get ready to have a song stuck in your head for days.

By | Posted: August 7, 2014, 6 a.m. PST

Do you remember the song "Friday” by Rebecca Black? It came out about 3 years ago. If you forgot about it, I’m sure you remember it now. It is literally impossible to forget. Now imagine that song had a dog in it.

The man behind that song, Pato, has released a new song into the world, most likely with a similar intention to embed itself in your brain, but this time he's attempting to draw in dog lovers too by including Internet celebrity, "Tinkerbelle the dog." Just in case aliens invade and demand to be told who is responsible for this, remember that name: Pato. But also remember, it's not this adorable dog's fault.


The song starts with Gina Naomi Baez, a talented singer/songwriter, complaining to her dog, Tinkerbelle, a Papillon Maltese mix, about something related to not being able to go to the beach. The next thing we know, they are on a walk, the singer is hungry, and pulls out a 24 pack of cupcakes from her tiny purse. Next, chaos ensues. If you want to know more about what follows, watch the video. If you want to know more about Tinkerbelle, keep reading.

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With the release of this music video, Tinkerbelle can expect a rapid rise in fame although this is not the first time Tinkerbelle has been featured in a music video, since Ms. Baez is her owner in real life.

Tinkerbelle’s Facebook page has nearly 10,000 fans at the time of this article, the two-year-old pup,  weighs five pounds, has modeled for Ralph Lauren, loves Taylor Swift, the beach and her home town of NYC.

"Tinkerbelle's favorite outfit is her pink tutu!" Baez tells us. "Tinkerbelle's favorite video she's been in is my cover of Let it Go from Frozen! She loves that song!"


Tinkerbelle in her truest form; the dog beneath the costumes.  

But how did she get started in all this?   

"I decided to include Tinkerbelle in my videos because every time I would practice and sing Tinkerbelle was always listening to me and watching me so one day I started shooting the cover video "Applause," by Lady Gaga," Baez tells us.  "Tinkerbelle kept entering the shots while filming. Finally, I said "you wanna be in this?" And she barked, so I changed the story of my video and put her in it. The rest is history."

So what does Tinkerbelle do when she is not busy being a pop sensation?

She goes to the beach.

Tinkerbelle the dog


Watches movies.


Tinkerbelle the dog


Has birthday parties.


Tinkerbelle the dog


Celebrates holidays.

Tinkerbelle the dog


Jet sets in a hoodie and resembles pop star Justin Bieber.


Tinkerbelle the dog


Goes to Disneyland.


Tinkerbelle the dog


See what Tinkerbelle is up to by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Here's another video, just in case you need to see more.

Watch more of Tinkerbelle's videos on their YouTube channel.

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Sam   Hewlett, New York

8/10/2014 6:31:06 AM

Love her!

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