Woman Spends $35,000 Looking for Lost Dog

A pet parent in DC has spent over $35,000 searching for her lost Rottweiler.

By Cari Jorgensen | Posted: November 13, 2014, 12:30 p.m. PST

Unfortunately, sometimes dogs get lost. Some pet parents are lucky and they find their beloved dog quickly. Others are not as lucky.

Janet Mihalyfi, a 39-year-old pet parent from Georgetown, lost her 5-year-old Rottweiler Mix, Havoc, a year ago. On Nov. 9, 2013, Mihalyfi took Havoc and another dog for a run in the woods. During the run, she took the two dogs off their leashes. When she did so, a deer appeared and both dogs went chasing after it. The other dog returned, but Havoc did not.

Lost Dog
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Since then Mihalyfi has put up thousands of fliers, set out dog food where people have said they’ve spotted Havoc, installed cameras in the wooded area where she ran and hired private dog investigators and psychics. Volunteer search groups have also helped her look for him.

Every weekend is spent in search of Havoc. The dog is microchipped and Mihalyfi has received numerous tips of his whereabouts. However, she has yet to be reunited with Havoc.

So far her search has cost her more than $35,000.

"Anybody that has a pet knows that they are a family member," Mihalyfi told The Associated Press. "I love him as I would anybody that I'm close with ... I can't give up on him."

For Mihalyfi, searching for Havoc is the best way to spend her money.

Would you spend $35,000 on finding your dog? Let us know in the comments.

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Anita   Aptos, California

11/24/2014 2:21:34 PM

I completely understand the situation with Janet and her dog

I spent $50K on my dog whom was stolen from me, then I was told he was dead, then I found him and battled for 2 years in court to get him back.

I don't think it is un-reasonable that someone who loves their dog like their family, spend money on them. I feel fortunate that I was able to ultimately win my court battle against the individual that had my dog and he is now back home with me (although he is almost blind since the individual didn't take care of him properly). I feel Janet's pain and loss and I know that she has done everything in her power and spent endless amounts of time and money only to not get Havoc home safe as of yet.

I think that people that are able to help their pets should be applauded. People like us also donate time and money to the rescues and shelters since we know many people are not able to do what we do and spend money to save our pets.

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Gail   State College, Pennsylvania

11/19/2014 5:39:15 AM

YES! I would give all I own for the safe return of my dog if she ever went missing.

User Avatar

Frances - 251604   Lansing, MI

11/19/2014 4:19:17 AM

There is no way I would spend that much money on finding a lost dog. I love my dogs and would make every effort to find them if they got lost but you have to use common sense. Sometimes you just have to trust God and if it is his will the dog will be returned to you.

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