California Dog Spay-Neuter Bill on Hold

Proposed dog spay-neuter legislation sent back to the drawing board.

Posted: April 18, 2006, 5 a.m. EDT

An ambitious plan in California to make the spaying or neutering of all pet dogs and cats mandatory is going back to the drawing board.

The legislation, Assembly Bill 1634, failed to clear its first hurdle, a California state Assembly committee on April 10 after lawmakers requested a delay so that perceived flaws in the proposal can be fixed.

The bill would force pet owners to spay or neuter nearly all cats and dogs by the time they’re 4 months old. Failure to comply would result in a $500 fine. Cats and dogs used for breeding by licensed breeders would be exempt.

The legislation is aimed at reducing euthanasia of what’s been roughly estimated at a half-million animals annually in California.

Opponents said it would impose a financial hardship on hobbyist breeders, who would have to pay for permits.

At the April 10 committee meeting, more than 100 opponents of the bill attacked it, with some owners and breeders saying the legislation places an unreasonable burden on them. At the same meeting, a large number of groups and individuals spoke in favor of the bill.

The Assembly Business and Professions Committee postponed further consideration of the bill until just before an end-of-month legislative deadline.


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Eileen - 249708   Port Perry, ON

3/2/2016 4:00:29 AM

Have a dog spay/neuter is still a huge debated on its health value.

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Marie   Sacramento, CA

9/6/2008 10:35:49 PM

Maybe if the cost for permits (for those that are hobbist breeders), maybe lowered. Would eveyone be happy then. I agree with this legislation. I work with animals and see too many animals have to put down. It breaks my heart knowing and seeing it first hand. Thanks for reading. =0)

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Carmen   Fountain Valley, CA

7/24/2008 6:27:46 PM

Responsible Gun Owners Stunned by

Got your attn. didn't

Responsible Gun Owners Nipped by

While reading “Still Nipping at pet owners’ heels”, Register 7/24/08, it occurred to me that no one has addressed the real problem or considered that Government-MANDATED reporting, would be used against
Would Legislature pass a Bill mandating that “All Guns Must have Safety LOCKS?? To generate revenue, police could then go to the door of every “Registered Gun owner”, to make sure that he has “gun locks” in place, or else he will be “fined” for each “fertile” gun and/or have it taken away!! CASH COW!! That Bill would not address the problem –Too many guns in the hands of criminals, who don’t register them! Meanwhile, law abiding citizens would be the only persons who were “fined/taxed”. But don’t worry, the NRA won’t allow this to
Now, let’s now try that shoe on another Taxpayers’ foot, those of us who’ve acted “responsibly”, and paid taxes(fees) to register our pets. The county knows from these registrations, who we are, and if our pets have been spayed or neutered. Now, Animal Control can come to our homes, WITH PROBABLE CAUSE, and demand that we pay the “fertile fee”. You see, they have probable because, We told them when we registered our pets that we own a fertile

The Gun (Responsible Pet Owner) did it, not the “irresponsible pet owner”, whose conduct is the major cause of overpopulation, and unwanted pet (“unintelligent” pet owners, OC Register “pet problem crisis”, Judi Beaudoin, 7/24/08) . Reputable Breeders “interview” prospective pet owners. Those of us who Show, do the same. We wish to responsibly breed our pets to continue improving our lines, for Show and Quality pets w/o Medical issues, which come about from Puppy
Let’s kick these Legislators put for trying to GOUGE Responsible Taxpayers, instead of those causing the problem,--- who rarely register their pets!

Legislators are willing to lose valuable revenue generated from AKC Sanctioned Events, because pets that have been “altered”, cannot be shown in AKC Shows, and can no longer reproduce their quality blood lines! AKC has threatened to Boycott California because of this and the prior Bill. California AKC Shows are(were?) second in revenue generation nationally, behind the Westminister Show!

Responsible Dog Owners, Buy bumper stickers proclaiming,



Please do not use my name, as I don’t want repercussions from


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Linda   Sherman Oaks, CA

4/24/2007 7:47:59 PM

How is this law, if passed, to be enforced?

irresponsible pet owners will continue to be so and probably fly under the
I know from personal experience that large dog breed need far longer than four months to reach full potential
Take the money and educate more people about what it means to commit to a pet. Use the money to banish puppy mills and designer dogs that people buy on impulse, then abandon to the pound. (Have you noticed how many Chihuahuas there are at the shelter?)

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